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Drawn up by CAMPS & CAMPS B.V.
Address: Floralaan 1, 5928 RD Venlo
Telephone number: 0031 (0)77 30 30 410
Business hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
Email address: customerservice@campsencamps.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 61045683
VAT identification number: NL 8541.80.114.B01

Clause 1. General

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, products, services, orders and deliveries of Camps & Camps and to any distance contract concluded between Camps & Camps and a consumer.

The contract becomes binding when you place an order via campsencamps.nl.

You must agree to the General Terms and Conditions before you can place an order. So please read them carefully before you place an order. When you place an order, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.

Camps & Camps reserves the right to change its General Terms and Conditions. These General Terms and Conditions were last updated and came into force on 1 November 2018.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact Camps & Camps customer service at customerservice@campsencamps.nl.

The General Terms and Conditions are freely available and published on the website of Camps & Camps. Camps & Camps will send you a written copy at your request.

Clause 2. Consumer

In order to place an order via the website of Camps & Camps, you must:

  • have a valid email address where you can receive
  • information about your order;
  • possess a payment card that is accepted by Camps & Camps and be authorized to use it;
  • be at least 16 years old;
  • provide appropriate account information to Camps & Camps.

Article 3. The product range

The product range presented on campsencamps.nl contains a complete and accurate description of the products offered.

Images and specifications are indicative and Camps & Camps reserves the right to make changes. All products are handmade, so they may differ from the image shown on the website.

Obvious mistakes or obvious errors in the product range do not bind Camps & Camps. If Camps & Camps has stated an incorrect price in the online shop – and it is obviously a mistake – Camps & Camps reserves the right to adjust the price. This also applies if the item has already been ordered and paid for. If this applies to an item that you have ordered, Camps & Camps will inform you of the mistake or error as soon as possible.

If Camps & Camps cannot contact you, the order will be cancelled and the purchase amount will be refunded.

Camps & Camps charges shipping costs depending on the amount of your order, the shipping method and the delivery address. These extra costs are clearly displayed during the ordering process.

All product prices displayed on campsencamps.nl are inclusive of 21% VAT, but exclusive of (possible) shipping costs.

Clause 4. Order

The order will only be processed if your payment has been approved. You cannot change or cancel an order that you have placed.

All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of payment. If there is a problem with your order, you will be notified.

Camps & Camps is not responsible for mistakes made when entering personal account information, and order and address information. Costs associated with delivery of an order to an incorrectly entered delivery address, or delivery of an incorrectly ordered item will be charged to the consumer.

Camps & Camps reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders, even if an order has already been confirmed.

Clause 5. Payment

Camps & Camps offers various payment methods in a secure payment environment on the website. All payments are processed via a secure server that uses SSL to encrypt your data.

The secure payment environment is provided by Stichting Pay, which processes all payments for Camps & Camps. You must complete all steps in the process for your chosen payment method in order to finalise payment of your order.

If you have chosen ‘pay later’ as the payment method, you do not have to finalise payment immediately.

Credit card information is automatically transferred to the payment processor via an encrypted and secure system and neither Camps & Camps nor third parties are able to access this information. If you pay with Visa or MasterCard, the payment environment uses special verification methods (Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure code) for additional security.

Clause 6. Delivery

Delivery takes place while stocks last.

The expected delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method and delivery address. Camps & Camps will ship an order as soon as possible after receipt of the order.

The stated delivery times are indicative. The indicated delivery times are not binding.

Under the rules of distance selling, Camps & Camps will process orders within a period of no more than 30 days. You will be notified if your order cannot be fulfilled.

Camps & Camps fulfils its delivery obligation by offering the product to the consumer on one occasion onlyIf the delivery is refused, the associated paperwork proves that Camps & Camps has fulfilled its delivery obligation.

Camps & Camps is not responsible for delays attributable to the carrier, logistical problems, bad weather conditions or other circumstances outside the responsibility and control of Camps & Camps.

Clause 7. Returns and refunds

You can only return products that you have ordered on campsencamps.nl. It is not possible to exchange a product.

If you wish to cancel a purchase, you must inform Camps & Camps accordingly during the 14-day reflection period following receipt of the order. Please use the withdrawal form for this (return form).

After you have notified us that you wish to withdraw from the contract, you must return the product within a period of 14 days.

If you fail to return the product before the end of this period, the purchase is irreversible. You must be able to provide proof of shipment to demonstrate that the product was returned in good time.

During the reflection period, you will handle the product and its packaging with care.

Please note the following return conditions:

  • clearly state the order number;
  • only unworn, undamaged and complete items may be returned;
  • only items with undamaged stickers and the labels still attached may be returned;
  • the return shipment is properly packed to ensure that the product is protected during transport.

You return an order at your expense and risk, unless agreed otherwise. Camps & Camps is not liable for damage during transport or loss of your return shipment or failure to deliver your return shipment in good time. You may choose to send your return shipment via a different carrier or by registered post. You must pay any additional costs.

A refund will be paid following receipt and inspection of the returned product. Camps & Camps will charge you for return shipments that do not satisfy the terms and conditions that apply to returns; this charge is the same as the purchase price of the product. No refund will be paid if a returned item is not in an acceptable condition when received by Camps & Camps.

Camps & Camps will refund the purchase price to you, including the calculated shipping costs, as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days. The refund will be made using the same payment method that you used to make the payment originally.

Clause 8. Warranty

You may only submit a claim under warranty in respect of items that you have purchased via campsencamps.nl. Products purchased from one of Camps & Camps’ sales outlets cannot be returned directly to Camps & Camps. You must contact the relevant sales outlet in such cases.

Camps & Camps guarantees that the delivered products comply with the contract, the stated specifications, reasonable requirements of soundness and usability and the existing statutory provisions and/or government regulations that apply on the date on which the contract becomes valid.

Camps & Camps offers a warranty of 6 months from the time of purchase on its jewellery. This warranty covers manufacturing defects.

You must check the delivered products immediately upon receipt. Any defects must be reported to Camps & Camps immediately and in writing. If a defect is discovered, the product must be returned in its original packaging and in as new condition.

You are not entitled to return a product under warranty if:

  • you are unable to produce proof of purchase;
  • the 6-month warranty period has expired;
  • a party other than Camps & Camps has repaired the item of jewellery;
  • the product has been used incorrectly.

When you return a product under warranty, you agree that the claim will be handled based on the nature of the complaint. If Camps & Camps considers your complaint to be justified, Camps & Camps will, to the extent possible, replace or repair the product or refund the purchase price to you. Camps & Camps will agree the procedure for handling the complaint with you in writing.

You must give Camps & Camps at least 4 weeks to resolve the complaint by mutual agreement.

Camps & Camps rejects liability for any form of loss or damage, other than damage to the product.

Clause 9. Promotions

Camps & Camps may inform you of a promotion, or offer you a promotional code, reduced price and discount. Promotions of this nature are without obligation, unless stated otherwise.

Camps & Camps can offer you a promotional code that you can use to purchase your order or certain products at a discount. You are responsible for entering this promotional code when placing an order. Camps & Camps is not responsible if you fail to enter a promotional code.

Promotional campaigns, promotional codes, reduced prices and discounts cannot be applied in the case of orders that have already been placed.

Each promotion is subject to specific terms and conditions and a specific validity period. When Camps & Camps announces a promotion and provides a promotional code, it will inform you fully and accurately of the applicable terms and conditions.

Camps & Camps may also give you a unique promotional code. You must keep this unique code secret to prevent misuse. Camps & Camps is not responsible if a unique promotional code has already been used. Promotional codes are not redeemable for cash.

Camps & Camps cannot be forced to comply with a promotion if it is clearly obvious that a mistake has been made. Camps & Camps reserves the right to modify the promotion. This also applies if the item has already been ordered and paid for.

Camps & Camps reserves the right to withdraw or deviate from a promotion and to block or close accounts in the event of improper use. Camps & Camps understands improper use to mean fraud, sabotage or anything else that compromises the fairness of a promotion.

Article 10. Privacy

If you place an order on campsencamps.nl, your details will be recorded in Camps & Camps’ customer database. Camps & Camps complies with the Data Protection Act.

Camps & Camps states how it uses personal data in the privacy policy on the website.

Camps & Camps respects your privacy and ensures confidential treatment of your personal information.

Camps & Camps is not responsible for the privacy settings on your device. Camps & Camps recommends that you use antivirus software.

Clause 11. Misuse and sabotage

You are not permitted to misuse or sabotage the website and other services of Camps & Camps. You are also not permitted to use automatic systems or software to export data from the website of Camps & Camps.

Attempts to misuse or sabotage the website and services of Camps & Camps will be considered a criminal offence. Information about such activities will be reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Camps & Camps reserves the right to close or block accounts.

Clause 12. Intellectual property rights and content

Camps & Camps is the owner of the intellectual property rights of the website and its content. All rights of this nature are reserved for Camps & Camps.

Camps & Camps retains ownership of all items sold and delivered to the consumer for as long as the consumer has not fulfilled the terms of the contract.

The contents of the website maybe stored, printed and displayed for personal use.

The contents of the website may not be used within the context of a different website or for commercial purposes. In addition, the logo of Camps & Camps may not be used without explicit permission.

Non-commercial, honest and legal links to the website of Camps & Camps are permitted.

Commercial links to the website of Camps & Camps are only permitted if agreed with Camps & Camps.

Clause 13. Complaints

If you have any complaints, problems or questions, please contact the customer service department at Camps & Camps.

email: customerservice@campsencamps.nl
telephone: 0031 (0)77 30 30 410

postal address:
Camps & Camps
attn of customer service
Floralaan 1
5928 RD Venlo

If you are unable to settle a complaint directly with Camps & Camps, please contact the Online Dispute Resolution platform – https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Clause 14. Force Majeure

Camps & Camps is not liable if a contract cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure.

Force majeure is understood to mean any external cause or any circumstance that falls outside the responsibility and risk of Camps & Camps.

Delays or non-performance by our suppliers, disruptions in Internet availability, power failures, disruptions in email traffic and faults or changes in the technology supplied by third parties, strikes, government measures and staff illness are explicitly classed as force majeure.

In the event of force majeure, Camps & Camps reserves the right to suspend its obligations and is also entitled to dissolve the contract in whole or in part, or to demand that the content of the contract is changed in such a way that performance remains possible.

Camps & Camps is under no circumstances obliged to pay a fine or damages.

Clause 15. Applicable law

All contracts are governed by Dutch law.

Disputes arising from a contract between Camps & Camps and the consumer, which cannot be resolved in mutual consultation, shall be brought before the competent court within the judicial district of Roermond, unless Camps & Camps prefers to submit the dispute to the competent court in the consumer’s place of residence. This does not apply to disputes that fall under the jurisdiction of the sub district court.

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