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Camps & Camps believes in the value of a beautiful and refined product that’s made with great attention to detail. Therefore, craftsmanship has a high priority for Camps & Camps. European jewellery has always had a special quality and elegance. With the desire to keep the history and knowledge of European jewellery alive, Camps & Camps pays attention to every detail. The right colours, the most powerful form and the perfect finish are sought with precision for each design.


Camps & Camps’ jewellery is designed in our studio. Close cooperation with craftsmen suppliers from Italy, Spain, Germany and France ensures that every part, from crystal to bead or clasp, is made with precision. All these separate components are then manually processed into jewellery in the studio in the Netherlands.

Camps & Camps feeling

Camps & Camps jewellery is sophisticated, original and stylish. They give a sense of beauty and individuality. Camps & Camps lovers are women of their time, they have class and character and dare to express their personality with the jewellery they wear.

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