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frequently asked questions

I would prefer to buy my Camps & Camps jewellery in a retail store, how can I check if it is in stock?

We cannot see the stock levels held by Camps & Camps sales points. If you would like to know if a retail store near to you has a particular piece of jewellery in stock, please contact the store directly yourself.

Visit our website for a list of all the Camps & Camps sales points.

Is Camps & Camps jewellery anti-allergic?

Alle Camps & Camps sieraden zijn anti-allergisch. Camps & Camps werkt alleen met Europese producenten. Binnen Europa gelden strenge eisen voor het gebruik van metalen in sieraden en alle metalen in onze sieraden voldoen aan deze zware eisen. Als je heel erg allergisch bent moet je voorzichtig zijn met het dragen van onedele metalen. Raadpleeg je arts voor persoonlijk advies.

From what metals is Camps & Camps jewellery made?
Camps & Camps jewellery is gold plated, silver plated, rosé gold plated or has a ruthenium plating. The base metal is brass and cast designs are made of a tin alloy. All in compliance with the strict European regulations that apply to the use of metals in jewellery. A layer of real gold or silver is applied to the substrate.
Can I wear Camps & Camps jewellery while participating in sport?
Jewellery is not suitable for wearing while participating in sport. It is dangerous to wear jewellery during sports and perspiration corrodes the material, which wears out your jewellery more quickly.
How do I know if a ring will fit my finger?
All Camps & Camps rings are adjustable. The minimum and maximum sizes are stated next to every ring. If you would like to know what your ring size is, take one of your rings and measure the distance from left to right across the middle of the ring. The number of millimetres indicates your size.

If you state your ring size when you place your order, we will adjust the ring to the size you have stated. If you do this, you will be able to wear your ring straight away.
My Camps & Camps jewellery is broken. Can you repair it?
We can repair almost all our jewellery. If your jewellery is broken, please email your proof of purchase and photographs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can usually assess whether or not we can repair a piece from the photographs. Following this assessment you can send the jewellery to our repair studio. If any costs are involved in the repair, we will communicate this clearly prior to repairing the jewellery. Resin jewellery can break.
Does my jewellery have a guarantee?
Camps & Camps offers a 6-month guarantee on manufacturing defects. There is no guarantee on the discolouration of metal. So wear your jewellery to look your best, so not during sports, while showering or when you go to sleep.

Resin jewellery is just as fragile as porcelain. If you drop it, it will break. We cannot provide any guarantees for breakage of resin jewellery.
What is a manufacturing defect?
Sometimes errors creep into the manufacturing process. A soldered joint can sometimes display a weakness. The adhesive could be incorrectly mixed. A bead can have a small indentation because it has not been properly cast and so on and so forth. If your piece of jewellery is broken, we assess in our studio whether or not this is due to a manufacturing defect. Please email your proof of purchase and photographs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you think that there is a possible manufacturing defect.
The piece of jewellery I have received looks different from the photograph in the web shop
All our jewellery is made by hand. Jewellery with a ‘marbled look’ is all different. If you have ordered marbled earrings, the left earring will be different in appearance from the right earring. This is not an error, this is what makes handmade jewellery unique. Each piece of jewellery that we photograph is consequently unique and the little differences are what make Camps & Camps jewellery special.
How do I know that I have an authentic piece of Camps & Camps jewellery?
Each piece of Camps & Camps jewellery is embellished with a Camps & Camps logo. In very tiny pieces you will just find C&C, because they are too small for a large logo. No logo? Then your jewellery is not a Camps & Camps design.
Where is Camps & Camps jewellery made?
The Camps & Camps design department is in Venlo. This is where all the jewellery is designed. Camps & Camps only works with European suppliers. In other words all the components for our designs are made in Europe. Our qualified team of ladies in Venlo then combine all these individual parts to create Camps & Camps jewellery for you.

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