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oily black oval link chain

street folklore bangle

satin rose gold chunky bracelet

street folklore oval link chain

autumn rose oval link chain

burgundy oval link chain


cameo souvenir

The cameo has been worn as jewellery women for centuries. A cameo is usually cut from a two-layer stone or shell. Everything in the top layer is cut away to reveal the image, which results in a beautiful three-dimensional work of art. Camps & Camps is continually drawn back to these fascinating little works of art. And this season the cameo is the trend you cannot afford to miss. Camps & Camps cameos are made from various colours of resin and are adorned with pearls, little bees and little hearts. Romance meets high fashion…

foxy cobalt

What's in a name? Foxy cobalt is exactly what it sounds like. The fascinating shades of brown and orange of the fox mixed with intense blue. Foxy cobalt is feminine, powerful and a little bit macho. We call it forest meets streetwear.

street folklore

We call the most exuberant Camps & Camps colour and style mix of this season street folklore. Pine green, midnight blue and aubergine mixed with nude-shades?! This daring mix is as unique as it sounds.

nomad chic

The antique silver and bronze finish of this jewellery is perfect with this season’s fashions that focus on types and colours of metal. The robust and classic design makes this jewellery an absolute hit. Combine your jewellery with jeans to create a casual look. With a tightly cut dress this jewellery has a high-end fashion feel. Easy to combine, lovely and light, because it is made of resin.

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